Saturday, 12 May 2007


12th May 2007
Leicestershire Senior League Premier Division
Desford Lane

A revisit sees me at Desford Lane as I have a family function in the neighbouring village of Groby. A £2.50 admission was charged though no programme was issued. The Ratby Sports club contains several football pitches and a cricket pitch which is located in the centre of the village. Ratby itself is approx. 4 miles west of Leicester close to the M1 motorway. The facilities at the ground are basic with a small stand and floodlights with an unfinished clubhouse and changing rooms to boot.

The game itself was pretty uneventful with Ratby taking a first half lead from a penalty kick in which the referee was the only one to spot the offence. On the balance of play Ratby deserved their lead as their out fought and battled their opponents. Ibstock began the second half with more purpose after a bollocking at half time and despite not many chances being created (by either team) they equalised late on. A fair result to end the season for these two teams.

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