Sunday, 10 February 2008

Game 526

Ollerton Town 1-1 Kinsley Boys
Central Midlands League Premier Division
Saturday 9th February 2008
The Lane

I was originally going to "go local" today as I planned to make the 10 minute drive to watch Glenfield Town take on Barlestone St. Giles in the Leicester & District League, but having picked up the wife from work at lunchtime I noticed the Ollerton - Kinsley fixture on the net I decided to make the easy 50 mile drive up into deepest Nottinghamshire. For the record "Mrs Rambler" came along as it was the lesser of two evils compared with spending the afternoon watching telly! I guess it goes to show how bad tv is at present!!!

The ground is easy to find being just a few minutes from the main A614 and is located on Walesby Lane. We were charged £2 each for admission and also managed to get hold of a programme for £1 and a pin badge for £2.50. A crowd of around 100 (head count) was present to watch this encounter between the top two in this division. I also, by complete chance met Rob Hornby for the second time in a month.

The game itself was competitve from the start with both teams being guilty of niggly fouls and plenty of verbals with very little football being played. The first decent move saw Kinsley have a goal disallowed due to a late offside flag. From our position on the half way line we didn't agree with the assistant's decision. About midway through the first half with the ball in Ollerton territory our eyes were diverted to an incident in the Kinsley penalty area in which we saw a Kinsley defender shove an Ollerton forward over in the penalty area. The only person which didn't see the incident appeared to be the referee as we thought it was a stonewall penalty. Ollerton were though awarded a penalty (the incident eludes me) late on in the half and was duy despatched to give the home side the lead.

Half time: 1-0

The second continued where the first half finished with niggly fouls and plenty of verbals. Ollerton though decided to play some football as they dominated possession and created the better and majority of chances. As often happens when a side fails to kill off a game they get punished and it happened in this game. With about 10 minutes to go Kinsley got into the game and decided to play some football of their own and got an equaliser with about two minutes left.

The game ended with honours even.

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