Monday, 26 January 2009

Tipton Town v Oadby Town

Much to my annoyance I never actually got to this game despite it being the one fixture that I wanted to attend above all others this season. I had everything planned - no overtime and finish work at 6am, home by 6.15, bed by 6.30. So far so good. Then a major problem occured - could I settle and get some sleep? Could I bolloks!!!! By about 1pm which was the planned time to get out of bed I had had about 2 hours sleep and thought it would be unsafe for me to drive anywhere, let alone 60 odd miles to Tipton. So unfortunately I ended up going back to bed and getting up around 5.30pm.

Hopefully I will get to this fixture next season! If Oadby don't get relegated that is.

By the way the final score was Tipton Town 2-0 Oadby Town. I had predicted beforehand that it would be 4-0 to Tipton, which you can see that I have such high expectations for Oadby this season!!!!!!!!

If I can get some sleep then I will be attending games on the next three Saturday's. Anyway going to get tickets for the Leicester - Swindon game on the 14th February today or tomorrow - special offer at £10 each.
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