Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A review so far...

With a bit of time to kill on a nondescript Tuesday lunchtime I started looking back at my previous posts this season and noticed a particular post entitled "The New Season" dating August 10th. In it I state some clubs that I would like to visit during the course of the season. Well with the season now six months old I thought i'd look and see if any of my plans materialised.

Tipton Town - did not materialise due to missing the fixture with Oadby Town
Sleaford Town - hopeful still, though will have to be on a Tuesday night
Eynesbury Rovers - no plans now
Boston Town - see above
Olney Town - dependant on a midweek fixture
Rushden & Higham United - will leave till next season now
Shirebrook Town - visited in October
Castle Vale - would have gone if played midweek on Tuesdays
Continental Star - you never know. Will visit in April if anytime
Loughborough University - saw county cup with Oadby Town in November
Meir KA - doubtful now
Uppingham Town - only if they have a midweek game at end of season
Bolsover Town - folded. Missed chance.
Pinxton - still hopeful
Nettleham - again only if they have a midweek game on a Tuesday night.
Romulus - still plan to visit.
Malvern Town - probably will not bother now.

Also visited all Leicestershire Senior Clubs needed excluding the reserves of Friar Lane & Epworth and do not plan to visit them. As far as I am concerned I have completed the LSL now. For this season anyhow.

The 14 new clubs (and 11 new grounds) that I have visited this season have been spread across 7 different leagues. The breakdown being:

Central Midlands League: Bulwell Town and Parkhouse
Hellenic League: Witney United
Leicester & District League: Glenfield Town and Kingsway Rangers
Leicestershire Senior League: Ashby Ivanhoe, Evington*, FC Dynamo*
Midland Combination: Loughborough University*
Northern Counties East League: Shirebrook Town
Spartan South Midlands League: Aylesbury Vale, Buckingham Athletic, Langford and New Bradwell St Peter

Also seen Oadby Town once at home and Leicester City twice. Also have tickets for the Leicester - Cheltenham game on March 7th.

The plans for the rest of the season are to visiti a few more local clubs that ply their trade in the three feeder leagues for the Leicestershire Senior League. These include:

County Hall, Desford and Soar Media.
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