Thursday, 26 March 2009


Thoresby Colliery Welfare 0-1 Westella & Willerby
Central Midlands League Premier Division
Saturday 21st March 2009
Thoresby Colliery Sports Ground, Edwinstowe

I know it is getting on for a week after the event but this is the first time since the game that I have had time to put down some notes on the game.

I wasn't planning to go to a game but having rose at around 12.30pm after finishing another wonderful night shift at Asda I decided to take in a game. Also with it being a nice day weather wise helped make the decision easier. The next question was where? My preference was a non-floodlit club so I had a look on the internet and made the decision to head up into Robin Hood country and more specifically the town of Edwinstowe which is where Thoresby Colliery Welfare play their home games. I also had the wife and dog in tow and as events later unfolded was glad of the company.
Without any hick-ups it should take around 1 hour 10 minutes to make the 48 mile journey. Typically as I didn't leave myself much leeway I got held up on the A46 and made it at the ground just as kick-off was about to commence. Admission was £2 each, though thankfully they did not charge for the dog and £1 for a programme - they had actually sold out of programmes but at half time I spoke to Rob Hornby who is on the committee for the Central Midlands League and he authorised in allowing me to have the league's copy. Thanks Rob much appreciated.

The ground is a large open sports ground that also houses a cricket pitch. The football pitch is fully railed off with what looks like some cover on the far side. As the wife doesn't like football she took advantage of the openness to take the dog for a walk during the game. Now to the game...

This is where the heading will make sense. The game in all truth was deadful. The visitors from Hull scored after two minutes and...that was about it. Poor football from both teams and I think it was a case that Westella knew they didn't have to be at their best and / or exert themselves too much to win the game and this is how the game panned out. Thoresby tried to play some football but didn't have the quality to threaten the visiting defence. The only other chance of note that springs to mind was in the second half when the visitors rattled the post with a shot that deserved a goal. But alas it was not to be and I was glad when the final whistle went.

Definately one of those cases where you wonder...why did I bother?
On the plus side, like most if not all clubs in the Central Midlands League that I have visited over the years, Thoresby are a well run and friendly club to visit.
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