Sunday, 27 June 2010

Abysmal England

I've let the dust settle for all of three hours after the most embarrasing performance I have seen from an England team. It seems to me that the players are more interested in Champions League glory than World Cup glory. All apart from David James were abject and if I was a scout watching the tournament there were none in a red shirt today that I would consider having a second look at let alone recommending one to buy. Let's hope the players take a long hard look in the mirror at themselves and feel ashamed that they have let themselves down, the manager down, the FA down and the football supporting country down. I think offering to reimburse all the fans that watched the four England games is the least the players can do.

Match ratings (out of ten)

David James: 5
Glen Johnson: 1 - waste of space
John Terry: 1 - as above. Better shagger than defender
Matthew Upson: 1 - apart from goal, absolute bollocks
Ashley Cole: 3 - best outfield player, but not difficult
Steven Gerrard: 1 - selfish in second half
Frank Lampard: 1  - apart from the obvious, did f-all
James Milner: 2 - put in a couple of decent crosses
Gareth Barry: 1 - did bugger all
Wayne Rooney: 1 - worst England player in the tournament
Jermaine Defoe: 1 - gave ball away too much early on, very little service

I am not going to comment on the "goal" that Lampard scored but if you want to vent your anger you can join the Facebook group "Blatter is a Wanker" and post any anti Blatter comments on there.
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