Friday, 2 December 2011

Stadium Journey magazine

A new US based magazine has been published on stadiums and is based around the website Stadium Journey which gives fans reviews of stadiums and game day experiences. The website was set up a couple of years ago by Paul Swaney who is based is Ann Arbor, Michigan and the following paragraph is taken from the site itself:

"Stadium Journey is a web venture with the goal to become a world-class community resource for sports fans, built around optimizing the experience of attending live sporting events. We provide tips and information through reviews of pro and college sports stadiums. We also rely on fans to provide tips and information about their favorite home stadium, or a first time impression. By sharing our knowledge, we can make every trip to the ballpark, stadium, or arena the very best it can be. Enjoy the journey!"

Paul and his team are looking for more people to write reviews of stadiums from all over the world. If anyone is interested contributing to this excellent web resource then Paul can be contacted on

Issue 1 of the magazine is out now and costs $9.49 for a printed copy. Postage to the UK is in my opinion a very reasonable $2.49 and it took around two weeks to arrive. This opening issue concentrates on the American College Football scene and in particular the South East Conference.

Personally I found the magazine to be an interesting take on stadiums that in all honesty I will never visit. Setting up a new magazine is never easy and credit to Paul for having balls to try it.

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