Monday, 3 September 2012

Thorpe Astley FC

Sunday 2nd September 2012
Hinckley Sunday League Division 2
Holmfield Park, Wardens Walk, Leicester Forest East

I had no plans to go to a game this morning after witnessing two high scoring games in the previous two days, firstly a 4-3 victory for Thurmaston WMP 2009 over FC Hoskins on Friday, and secondly a 4-4 draw between Whitwick United and Markfield on Saturday. It was a very late decision that saw me make the fifteen minute walk to Holmfield Park in Leicester Forest East.

I have been on the park numerous times over the past four years as it somewhere we (the wife and I) go and walk our dog Millie, but this would be the first time I would have watched a game of football on it. 

Until last season I wasn't even aware there was a team that played on the park, but I noticed that Thorpe Astley reached one of the county cup finals, so naturally decided to find out where they play their home games. I did wonder why the club ply their trade in the Hinckley Sunday League (HSL), but looking at the location of the teams in the league it does make sense, as from Leicester Forest East it takes only around fifteen minutes to get to Hinckley, shorter than for example Oadby which is on a good day twenty five minutes away.

I believe the club were formed in 2010 and they joined division four of the HSL. Come the end of the season and they were crowned divisional champions finishing one point ahead of Thurlaston Magpies (Sunday) Reserves. Promotion to division three followed and the 2011/12 season some the secure promotion for a second consecutive season. This time they finished in the runners-up position seven points behind champions Sportsman and thirteen ahead of Anchor Inn.

The scoreline was harsh on the visitors from Blaby, who were not helped by not having their regular goalkeeper in the team. Even though Thorpe Astley were the better side, I would say the margin of victory would have been maybe two instead of seven. The home side were also helped in no small part to that of Danny Maynard who netted six of their goals. 

The goals came at regular intervals during the game with the times being:
TA: 9, 15, 26, 30, 36, 54, 55, 66 and 84
BF: 24 and 61

I wish I had got into watching Sunday League football years ago as I have enjoyed the games I have seen, with six last season and three already this season. O.K. the majority of the games are played on recreation grounds with no facilities for spectators, but to be honest who cares. It is about watching the football that matters.

Anyway some photos taken at the game can be viewed in the slideshow below: note Thorpe Astley are in the white shirts.
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