Monday, 29 October 2012

9 for Enderby

Sunday 28th October 2012
Alliance Football League Bill Walton Cup 2nd Round
Western Park [pitch 6], Hinckley Road, Leicester

This morning I made the short journey to Western Park, a large public park in the (shock horror) western suburbs of Leicester. There are seven football pitches on the park, with this one being on pitch 6. It is set in the north east of the park, away from the other pitches and surrounded by trees and has a secluded feel about it.

On paper this was a mismatch with their being six divisions between the two teams, and in the end that is how it turned out. Enderby though were sluggish in the first half and struggled to break down the home team. Friar Lane were happy to put men behind the ball and hope to hit the higher ranked visitors on the counter attack.

I am not going into too much detail about the goals, but if I can remember give a brief description of them:

6 mins; 0-1 Stein Worthington - a shot from the edge of the penalty area
28 mins; 0-2 Sam Miller - a header from a free kick
37 mins; 0-3 George Young - a first time shot from 12 yards
42 mins; 1-3 Lewis Grainger - reacted first after a save from the keeper
49 mins; 1-4 Nick Owen - a side foot shot from a couple of yards out
52 mins; 1-5 Tom Marsh - lofted into top corner
54 mins; 1-6 George Young - powerful shot from edge of the penalty area
56 mins; 1-7 Tom Marsh - reacted first and finished from three yards out
61 mins; 2-7 Mike Gist - first time shot after a save from the keeper
77 mins; 2-8 George Young - curling shot into top corner from outside penalty area
80 mins; 2-9 Sam Miller - lofted volley into top corner from twenty yards out - superb goal and best of the eleven.

45 match photos can be viewed in the slideshow below:
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